Приняв к сведению следующие сообщение.

Dear sirs,

Please note the recent changes in the Oxwall Foundation Domain Policy.

The original text is located at http://www.oxwall.org/domain-policy.

Oxwall Domain Policy

Due to trademark-related issues and to avoid possible confusion, we at Oxwall Foundation ask community members to refrain from using “Oxwall” in top-domain names of their websites. Instead, you can use “ow” or “ox” abbreviations if you want to run vertical or regional Oxwall-related websites. The use of “oxwall” in subdomains is allowed.

USE: ow-community.comowplugins.caox-users.deoxwall.mycompany.com, etc.
DO NOT USE: oxwall.comoxwallcommunity.tv, etc.

If you already run a website with “oxwall” in a top-level domain, we ask you to move to a new, compliant domain, redirect all traffic there, and use it as the primary destination.

The only top-level domain that is allowed and official is oxwall.org.

If you come across any websites not compliant with our policy, please direct their owners to this page.

We encourage the creation of international and local Oxwall communities; however, we ask you to respect our decisions, and avoid creating confusion. Thank you.

Наш сайт с домена Oxwall.su, был перемещен на домен Oxwall.SocEngine.Ru. Вся информация и старые ссылки были сохранены.

P.S. Домен Oxwall.Su не продается и все права на него, остаются за SocEngine Software.